Mind over Matter

November 21, 2017



Letter #10

Rita Levi Montalcini, an Italian Nobel Prize for her research on the human brain, answered people asking how, blind and in poor physical condition, could give lectures with great passion and strength:” the body does whatever it wants, I am not my body; I am my mind!”


Another great woman who believes in the power of the mind is my friend Lori. Lori at age 4 was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and over the years her body is becoming more fragile and painful, but the joy in her smile stays the same.  I asked her: how can you be so strong? How can you never complain?  Her sister says that Lori is the bravest person she knows.  Yes, it is true, and her strength comes from her determination to enjoy life!


Lori broke her arm twice, had a shoulder replacement surgery, had a stroke that left her legs paralyzed (physical therapy and her strong will made her walk again), and, as a reaction to medication, she had lupus.  Her physical condition did not stop her for getting an advanced degree in business, a job of great responsibility in the financial field, and for travelling extensively in the US and in Europe.


Lori loves her job, but she loves life even more…. She is thinking now at the time when she will stop working. She is planning on travelling all over the world.  She wants to go back to Italy and spend more time there.  She is thinking about volunteering and writing a book on resilience.  She is the Queen of Resilience.


I think the mind needs a specific purpose: Rita’s mind was focused on sharing her knowledge on the brain, Lori’s mind after the stroke was focused on her trip to Italy.

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