Life is Beautiful with Friends!

November 5, 2017


Letter #9


I have many friends, I have many BEST friends.  When I am with a friend, he or she is my BEST friend.  Every friend is different, the sharing is different: it could be science, religion, spirituality, history, politic, fashion…

  I love parties but I find  great joy talking to friends one at the time.

When I worked, teaching in US military bases around the world, I was in contact with many people and therefore I had no problem finding friends.

  When my husband and I moved to Boston I had to find a way to make friends.  I invited people living in our building for dinner and I realized that people like to be invited.  I also joined all the museums and several Associations: Circolo Italiano, the Japanese Society, Boston International Visitors, and  Women in World Trade.  I made so many friends in this last group that they elected me President of the Boston Chapter.  My gosh!!!! I new nothing about business!!! I made several mistakes but did something that turned successful and fun! I organized a business trip for Boston Business Women to meet Italian Business Women in a Spas in  Abano, Italy!

Over the years we  kept the group together and next week we are going to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Italian trip,  in a Spas in Maine.   Cannot wait to hug all of them!!!!

 Now I am in Charlotte, using the same tactic finding friends: joining every organization and inviting  new people for dinner.

I met Berhan on the dance floor at a Gala.  I liked her immediately and I told her I was going to make pasta from scratch the following day and asked her if she wanted to come to my place.  I was not planning to make pasta that day but I was ready to do it in order to know Berhan better.

We clicked and we are so close that  people think we are sisters. We have the website together: she is the fashion guru, and I am in charge of the cooking.


A disclaimer: I am not a dancer, I just move …. Janelle tried to teach me dance but gave up…I am not coordinated and cannot follow directions. Also, I am not a chef, I am a biologist who likes to cook and try new recipes, modify old and new recipes.


When I started to invite people for dinner in Boston, I did not like to cook.  I cooked in order to make friends.  However, little by little, I learned to like it.  When I cook I am performing  a science experiment… I always analyze the recipe from the point of view of physics and chemistry. Making a dish is my connection to science! And I am having fun!


In the children book I wrote about  horseshoe crabs,  Gregorina tells her grandchildren horseshoe crabs:

Life is beautiful, life is exciting, live it fully! Surround yourself by many friends; remember that in order to have friends you need to be a friend. You need to be the first one to smile and talk to. Some of your friends will be horseshoe crabs, but some will not. Accept all of them with an open heart.

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