After a Big Scare, Beauty is Seen Everywhere...

September 4, 2017


Letter #5

After a Big Scare, Beauty is Seen Everywhere

Torino, Home of Fiat,  1942 (WWII)

Siren screeching in my ears, soft hands trying to pick me up, a calming voice telling me it was OK, that I needed to get up and wear my coat over the nightgown…we needed to get down to the cellar..

The lights are off, the elevator is not working.  The five of us come down the five flights of stairs to the cellar.  My father is in front with a big flashlight carrying my sister Gabriella who has a cast from her waist down to her toes.  Behind is my mother carrying my little brother Franco.  And then I come, trailing my blanket and holding my doll.

 The cell smells musty and I am cold.  We sit on benches, snuggled together in silence.  Our neighbors, sitting next to us, are also silent.  Soon a hissing sound and big thunders break the silence.   Bong…Bong.. Some bongs are louder than others.  Bombs are falling around us. 

After a while, an eternity for me, again the siren pierces the air. The planes are gone, at least for now….

Everybody gets up, still pale…the lights are on, the elevator is working…we go back to bed…we are so happy to be alive!  Everything, even the musty cellar, looks beautiful.

Have you ever had a scare?   How did you feel after?  Let’s try to have the same feeling again….let’s enjoy life.


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