August 23, 2017


Letter #4

I can waste money but I cannot waste time


Okinawa, Onna Point beach, late at night with my students, after a very nice reef walk at low tide.


We gather to eat a snack before going home.  The weather is perfect, the moon is shining; we start talking about what we saw and share what we collected for our tanks at school. We feel confortable, no rush to go home.  


One student asked me what was the most valuable thing I possessed.  My daughters, I answered.  No, he said, parents do not possess children.  Has to be something about you.  Oh, I know, it is time, I said! Time? Everybody said!!!  Yes, Time!  I can make more money but I cannot  make more time!

I do not think my students understood my answer.  However, the older I get, the more important time is.  I can waste money, but I cannot waste time…Time is limited, I want to use it to bring joy and happiness to me and to the people around me… negative thoughts and negative people do not deserve my time.


What does deserve my time?  A call to a friend, cleaning my apartment  and enjoying the things I accumulated over the years, listening to Winton Marsalis, plucking the dead flowers from the plants in my balcony, preparing food for my friends, making videos with Berhan….

Am I selfish?  According to Oscar Wilde, Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live. Therefore I am not selfish.








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