Look for the small, little things

August 20, 2017


Letter # 3


Look for the small, little things


Few weeks ago, I was walking the beach at Hilton Head, South Carolina.

I like walking the beach at low tide and carefully go through the material brought to the beach at high tide. 


Few days before going to Hilton Head my friend Patrice, just back from that beach, told me that Hilton Head beach did not have any shell.


Here I was, walking the beach with Susan.  Gorgeous beach, very wide, very fine white sand but no shells…..


I was disappointed but looking closely all along the high tide mark, in patches of light brown material, I found beautiful, very delicate little shells.


Looking at the little shells, made me realize I should pay more attention to the little things around me every day. It also may me think about my life in Japan.  While in Japan, I took Ikebana classes and learned how to examine and appreciate every single flower before position it in a vase.   The composition may include only 3 flowers and they should not touch each other; each single one should be enjoyed.


Let’s pay attention to the little things, the little joy in our life!

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