In a Bad Situation Look for the Good!

August 19, 2017


Letter #2

In a Bad Situation Look for the Good!


1944  Varese Italy (during WWII)

My father did not pledge support to Mussolini and therefore went underground. He was writing with his name in the Insurrezione newspaper and helping Don Natale escorting Jews through the mountains into Switzerland.


The Headquarter of the German Army was in a villa across our house.  If the Germans found my father, they would shoot him on sight.


One night, lots of noise woke me up. I went to see what happened and found my mother holding my little brother Roberto and thanking God he was safe.


The Germans shot through the window and hit the big armoire mirror scattering glasses on the floor.


Usually Roberto had his crib under the mirror.  My mother was not upset about the broken window, the broken mirror….. she just was thankful Roberto that evening was not sleeping in his crib under the mirror.


Let’s look for the good things around us!


In the newspaper, let’s look for good news! 


President Moon of South Korea is organizing a Korea team for the Olympics which would include athletes from South and North Korea.


Bloomberg, mayors, and governors are putting money and effort into renewable energy


Europe, feeling abandoned by President Trump, is getting stronger.


Look for the good news! Do not let negativity get in the way of your happiness!







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