What To Do With Leftovers!

July 18, 2017

Recycling leftovers in a creative way is a problem faced by all cooks in a family.

  • Koreans with meat and vegetable leftovers make a delicious dish called Bibimbap - see recipe below.

  • Japanese make a delicious wrap using large sheets of nori with rice and leftovers inside.

Bibimbap (translated as mixed rice with meat and vegetables) is a traditional Korean dish.



Cooked rice

Meat and vegetables leftover

Fried eggs- one per serving

Hot Korean sauce


Assembling an individual bowl:

  1. In a bowl with about 1 cup of cooked rice

  2. Put all around the rice the cooked vegetables and meat

  3. Top with the fried egg

  4. Put on the side a little bowl of hot sauce

  5. Just before eating stir the whole thing and add the sauce (if you like it spicy).


Japanese Wrap:


Individual serving


On a large square sheet of nori (toasted to release the flavor) place meat and vegetables along the diagonal so that when you roll it, it is packaged shape.

Dip the package in soy sauce just before eating it.




Buon appetito!


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