Why papaya?

June 8, 2017


Why do Okinawan ladies  use  papaya as a beauty face mask?

Because papaya contains a low concentration of papain, an enzyme that breaks down protein.  On the skin the papain helps to breaks down the dead cells on the skin surface. Using this information I made the recipe for a face mask.  Here is my recipe: 

1/2 cup instant oatmeal  (oatmeal softens the skin)

1/4 cup  cornmeal  (light abrasive power)

1 tablespoon of corn starch (closes skin pores)

Mix these ingredients with enough papaya  to make a paste.

Spread the paste on your face with a light massage.  Let it dry and then wash out with warm water.

You may substitute papaya with yogurt or milk.  You may add almond flour.

It works on my strong skin, I do not know if it works on delicate skin.  Just try....

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